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OEM Quality Sport Bike Body Fairing Kits at Dealer Wholesale Prices!

Why is the Price of Dealer Motorcycle Body Fairings Kits $1,000's More Expensive than AMA's Sport Bike Body Fairing Kits?

We're all shocked at the price of dealer provided motorcycle fairings kits and can't understand why molded plastic would cost so much. I mean, yeah they have to buy or build expensive custom molding equipment but they make that cost back and much more selling us the Sport Bikes. We've seen, and maybe you have too, mark-ups up to almost $5,000.00 for Sport Bike Body Fairing Kits! It can't be that expensive to stamp out volumes of molds, prep, paint and decal these motorcycle parts.

We'll guess what? It isn't! That's why we researched the market for months and finally were able to figure out a way to buy factory direct OEM quality aftermarket ABS sport bike fairings and have them prepped and painted at a fraction of the dealer and OEM costs.

Your Complete Ready to Install Sport Bike Body Fairing Kit and What Comes With It!

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Perfect Fitment Sport Bike Body Fairing Kits

  • The same manufacturers of OEM injection molding equipment were used to duplicate the molding equipment that produces our after market ABS plastic, OEM quality super bike fairing kits so you know each piece will fit on your bike like the factory original. 

  • A 3-Step 4 to 5 Coat Paint Application Process Using Advanced Technology UV Light Activated Paint

    • The kit pieces are base coated with a catalyzed enamel that provides enhanced performance and resistance to tough road conditions, extreme temperatures and environmental chemicals and give the High Tech UV Activated Paint the perfect base.

    • The UV Activated Paint, the most durable enamels available and resistant everything hazardous to common paint, is given a double or triple coat to each piece.

    • A third coat of superior clear polyurethane leaves the factory look, deepens the already rich color of the UV activated paint and give the parts a super shiny gloss. It is the final coat that provides extra durability and allow easy maintenance or your new sport bike fairings.

    One of the facts why AMAFairings supplies the highest quality sport bike fairing kits compared to all the rest is that our factory does not use ordinary painting processes and is an innovator in the use of the UV Light Activated Paint. This technological innovation is not used by any of the other aftermarket sport bike fairings factories. It is an unbeatable advantage over common paints by giving advantages such as:

    Higher resistance to scratching and oxidizing chemicals.
    Higher resistance extreme weather and temperatures that will fade common paint applications over the years.
    It is more durable and flexible keeping it from ever cracking, warping or discoloration.
    The paint finishes with a deeper and richer look.

    And Your Choice Between Nine Windscreen Tints

  • Our windscreens are made from the best acrylic raw materials and can stand up to the test of time and abuse. They were engineered to provide the most efficient air-flow over your helmet as your reach high speeds. Each windscreen is precision molded with premium, high-resistance acrylic that is 3mm thick.

Extremely Efficient Heat Resistant Thermal Shield

  • Using proportioned chemistry of ABS Plastic gives the body parts 245 Degrees of heat resistance, then adding a quarter inch of thermal heat shields shoots the resistance temp of the under cowlings exposed to the header up to 750 Degrees!

100% Risk Free Purchase

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that our sport bike body kits will exceed your expectations, that we back every purchase with a 100% Guarantee*. If you are not 100% completely satisfied we will refund you 100% of your product purchase price PLUS you can keep the windscreen as a token of our appreciation.

*see Terms & Conditions

customer Testimonials

Hi April,
I just wanted to say thank you for the kind treatment and patient understanding you showed to me. I know changing my custom order was a big complication to you guys so thank you for being so accommodating and helpful.

Ryan Gillard

Hi Guys,

Thanks for being so quick to fix the mistake on my order. The purchase has proven to be a good investment. The kit looks awesome. Thanks for putting the extra care and effort in.
Thanks again,
Jack Broten

Dear AMA Support:

You guys are great. The kit looks great, was the best price I could find for the same quality fairings and the installation was a breeze. Will refer my friends.

Joe H.

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